​​Your Massage

Custo​mize your massage to the specific needs of the body.
This is very effective in targeting trouble spots.
30 minutes $40

Swedish Massage
A relaxing massage that uses long flowing strokes to help relieve soreness, increase circulation and improve skin tone.
60 minutes $​60      90 minutes $80

Therapeutic Massage
The technique used is very similar to Swedish massage but the strokes are applied with more pressure in order to stimulate the deeper muscles and surrounding tissues.
60 minutes $70       90 minutes $90

Sports Massage
Sports massage is designed to ease muscle strains and promote flexibility. It combines kneading, passive stretching, and deep tissue techniques. It is most effective when done before or after exercise.
​60 minutes $75        90 minute $95


Pure Massage & Bodywork

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Pregnancy Massage

A massage that is specific to a woman’s individual pre-natal needs. This massage may increase relaxation and decrease insomnia, offer stress relief on weight bearing joints, reduce swelling in hands and feet, offer headache & sinus congestion relief and relieve mental and physical fatigue.
60 minutes $65       90 minutes $85

An Ancient Japanese treatment that promotes deep relaxation. It is used to relieve stress, heal illness, and empower ones goals. The client remains clothed throughout the full body treatment. The practitioner places their hands on the head, neck, chest, abdomen and back to bring your mind and body into balance.

50 minutes $50             

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